July 28, 2010

Adults Bedroom










1. Liberty Living: Felicity Bed Queen, $2619.00
2. Designer Fabrics: MarantaSimum, $30.00/yard
3. Home Depot: Brushed Nickel 3-light Foyer Pendant, $137.12
4. General Paint: Blue Bound CL2272W, varies
5. Sarah Richardson Designs: Elsie Chair, $2119.00
6. Liberty Living: Bourne Mirrored Table, $899.00
7. Liberty Living: Congo Dresser, $2569.00
8. DCW Store: CR62 Silver Phone, $59.99
9. Liberty Living: White Finial Lamp, $279.95

Since I did a series on kids' bedrooms, I thought I would help all the adults out there achieve a beautiful retreat for themselves.

To get the bedroom you want, keep in mind that you will see this room everynight and everymorning - it should be something you love! Use colours that you love or find calming, and pay attention to every detail. A bedroom must do two things: release the stresses at the end of a day, and energize you in the morning. That is why for bedrooms I prefer colours that are bright and airy in the morning sun, and sultery when the sun goes down - a lot to ask from one paint colour!
I'm a firm believer that a master bedroom is a place to spend some extra coin - it is all about you, so make sure you love every item in it. Choose a timeless bedframe, as this is a good place to invest in a quality peice, but have fun with the bedding as it is easy to change. If you have room, purchase one or two occasional chairs for reading and reflecting - this will give the bedroom a very luxurious feel and will give you another place to lounge.
Choose colours and textures that you love, invest in quality peices, and enjoy the space that is all your own. And maybe let your spouse in once-in-a-while to.

July 20, 2010

All Things Marble

Those of you that know me well (or have said hello to me in passing on the street) know that I am desperately obsessed with marble. All things marble can cause my eyes to glaze over in a strange, euphoric manner. My husband is well aware of this phenomenon, and has been given approval on numerous requests by simply letting me pass by the marble tile section at Home Depot.

There is no specific things that creates this obsession in me for the beautiful natural stone – but instead many small things that I appreciate in it. The smooth polished texture, the cool feel, the light colours available, and the fact that I think it is the most extravagant item I will ever own. And boy, will I own a lot of it.

July 13, 2010

Good Deals - They Are Out There!

HomeDepot.Ca: Chandelier CC1168BN, $146.00

It's true that you can still get amazing products from big box stores. This candelier, available only online at www.homedepot.ca , is a steal at $146.00. Because of it's sleek lines, and feminine curves, this fixture will make people marvel like it is from a custom light shop, but will keep you out of the poor house.

I am a firm believer that when decorating that you should spend money on some items, and save on others. This way you get a custom look, but don't break the bank. This candelier gives you the best of both worlds.

July 3, 2010

My New Favorite Website!

I am all about my new favorite website: http://www.cercantile.com/

They have the most amazing tiles (especially marble!) that I have ever seen. Better yet, you order from Cercan Tile through Hourigan's (http://www.hourigans.com/)!

The above photo is a basket weave marble (in my favorite: Ming Green). I must have it.