September 29, 2011


When most people find out they’re going to be parents, after all the “congratulations!!!” – they have a tendency to, well, freak out a bit. Mostly because they have yet to finish schooling, get that perfect job, and pay off the mortgage (hah!). But, well, I’m not most people. My little panic moment was based solely around the idea that I have yet to figure out my exact perfect baby room. As most of you can guess, my perfect nursery does not revolve around ‘SleepingBeauty’ or ‘ThomasTheTankEngine’. This is MorganDesignInc, for goodness sake – people have expectations!!

I want something that is soft and whimsical, with a touch of that earthy flare I love. Much like the name of the child, I want it to reflect not only the personality of Richard and myself as a couple, but what we hope our child will be like. Fun, kind, down to earth and most of all - sense of humor (but who needs knock-knock jokes when you have parents like us to laugh at).

I have been pinning billions of photos to my 'Baby-ville' folder on Pinterest (if you're not on Pinterest, put aside an afternoon to become shocked you were able to live without it). Scanning them, it is easy to find a common theme, but here are a few of the images I am particularly inspired by:

Which one's do you folks like best? I think I like a mix of all of them. I have to finish clearing out the room, then I will start painting it out. I'm going with a neutral beige - which will give me a nice clean slate to start with. SO buckle your seat belts everyone - it's baby time!

{This post brought to you by crazy pregnancy nesting instincts.}

September 27, 2011

Gearing Up for 31 Days!

Last October, TheInspiredRoom participated with 7 other brave women to blog for 31 days straight in October on a subject of their choice. Well this year TheInspiredRoom is encouraging her readers to join in on the chaos. And I am excited to announce that I will be participating in this crazy venture!

That's right, for October 2011, I will be blogging every. Single. Day.

Even on weekends. Even if the laundry is piling up. Even if Michael's is having a 75% off sale (although not if HomeSense does. Let's not loose sight of priorities)

Our series will be call '31 Days to Fall in love with Fall' - and will cover topics like preparing for fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and even a little about Christmas (because I can't help myself). We will even have a few guests come to the blog to join us in the festivities (not just Lucy and Dutch!).

So make sure to come back daily starting October 1st - and join me for '31 Days to Fall in love with Fall'

{Day 1} My Favorite Things about Fall
{Day 2} Shifting Gears for Fall
{Day 3} Getting the Yard Ready for Fall
{Day 4} Cozy on Over - Blankets and Throws
{Day 5} Simple Bits of Fall
{Day 6} Food So Good, it Has it's Own Day
{Day 7} You Big Turkey!
{Day 8} Gone Paintin
{Day 9} Neat Pumpkin Ideas
{Day 10} Quilts - Done Right
{Day 11} 5 Must Have's for the Perfect Bar Cart

September 21, 2011

You’re A Curious Bunch!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone for the well wished on our baby announcement the other day. We were overwhelmed with questions for you guys, and thought it easier to give some answers in a post.

Q: How far along are you? When are you due? Baby Morgan is 13 weeks old (almost out of the morning sickness phase, thank goodness). Our little bean is due March 30th, 2011

Q: When did you find out? At 5 weeks I took a test, and that plus sign popped up before I could even say “how do you read these things?”

Q: How did you tell Richard? We actually found out at that same time. It was 5am on a Thursday when I took my test, and I decided that I didn’t want to find out such wonderful news by myself in the bathroom, when really this could be an exciting moment for both of us. After waiting the 3 grueling minutes, I popped into bed, woke up Rich, and then unveiled it. Without knowing how to read the test, we both knew right away and it was a sweet moment that is still sinking in.

Q: How long did you keep the secret from your family? It was hard but we waited until I was 11 weeks to share the news with immediate family and friends. But man was it tough! My sister-in-law Brooke cornered me at a family event a few weeks before and was grilling me, and I had to lie. I was later forgiven, of course.

Q: And how did you tell them? We went over to Richard’s Mom’s house for his birthday dinner, and came with a plan to tell everyone (since his mom, sister and her family would all be present). I made a custom shirt that read “Baby Morgan – on board”, and hid it under a jacket. We waited a little bit, and then Richard offered to take my jacket. I unzipped it, and Brooke read it immediately. And there it was. Immediate recognition. Screaming. Jumping. Clapping. Belly rubbing. Bloodshed (Brooke really got excited, and bit her lip). My mother-in-law carefully read the shirt a few times, just to make sure she understood it correctly, and then started crying. After months of waiting, it was finally out.

My parents had us over for dinner and we decided to have a little fun with them to. We walked around looking at their renos for a while, then finally I took off my jacket to reveal my custom shirt. My Dad immediately understood what was happening and smiled at me in disbelief. My mom, not so much. She wasn’t pay attention, therefore we waited a few full minutes for her to ready the shirt – then we got our reaction. It was wonderful to share such happy news with everyone we love, and after keeping it a secret for so long, euphoric doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Q: Will you find out the sex (and tell us)? This is still an ongoing debate at Casa Morgan. Richard really wants to know before baby comes, where as I could care less. I think I will eventually cave and let Richard have his way, but time will tell. All we’re hoping for is a healthy little baby.

Q: How do you feel about baby names - unconventional? conventional? So far we have yet to agree on a single name, although I know we will find some names we are both excited about. I like names like Avery and Abby for a girl, and Logan or Greyson for a boy. Richard likes names like ‘Dickie’ and ‘Richard Junior’. Typical.

Q: Are you showing? Will you show us baby bump photos and ultrasounds? I am actually just starting to show, which is why you haven’t seen photos of me on the blog recently. And while I’m sure my baby bump will make it on to the blog in the follow months, we’re going to spare you from ultrasounds photos. If you’re going to leave anything off the internet, why not start with my uterus?

Q: Does this mean you guys will be moving? If not, which room will be the nursery? Definitely not moving. We love Chateau Morgan too much to part with it now. Heck, it’s just starting to come together! We will be using the spare bedroom as the nursery. Oh, you’ve never seen the spare bedroom? This could be because it is a disaster, and has been used as the following things over the years (most at the same time): Erin’s craft room, storage room, computer room, giftwrapping centre, room for guests to stay when they have had too much wine, room for guests to stay for 6 months when they have had enough with girlfriends, sewing room, and library. Somehow, one by one, we are moving most of these functions to other rooms. Once the room is clear, we will start to share the nursery progress.

Q: Are Dutch and Lucy excited to be big sisters? They are! Well, they would be if they knew what was happening. Lucy has been very protective of me the past few months, but I don’t think either of them has a clue as to what is in store. I think the prospect of jam covered fingers and extra floor crumbs will quickly sweeten the deal.

So there you have it. Consider yourself up-to-speed on the Morgan pregnancy. And if you are eager for little updates, please feel free to post questions or email us at And one more BIG THANK YOU for all the well wishes and encouragement. Feels so good to have you sharing in our excitement.

September 14, 2011

Oh Boy! (or Girl?)

After many speculations here at MorganDesignInc, we’re excited to announce that the Morgan family is currently under construction. Our new addition is expected on March 30th. We’re thrilled, even though a certain someone won’t be the baby anymore…

Yup, I've got a proverbial bun in my proverbial oven. And we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with you guys!

So buckle up for more posts (as soon as I'm able to crawl off the couch) and lots of fun DIY tutorials! We're nothing but home obsessed, here at Casa Morgan.

September 9, 2011

New Fabrics

We've been tied up with a few major family projects over the past few months, but that hasn't stopped me from cruising all the new fabrics that are available! Here are a few of my favorites (now... which room to use them in...)

$17.95 /yard

$17.95 /yard

$19.98 /yard

$12.98 /yard

Hmm, see a navy theme here?