October 11, 2011

31 Days {Day 9} Neat Pumpkin Ideas

What will you be trying this year on your Halloween pumpkins? Are you a tried and true pumpkin-carver? Or will you be taking the woossie way out (a la moi) and doing something that doesn’t require inevitable band aids?

I am all for neat pumpkin ideas that don’t require me to get my hands too messy – and here are some great ideas that I will be trying out this year!

Puff Paint – only Sherry from YoungHouseLove would have the guts to try something so risky, yet have it turn out beautifully. She used puff paint to draw dot designs on her pumpkins, and then spray painted them in white and yellow (a woman after my own heart)

Pumpkin Meets Doily – putting a doily on the top of a pumpkin and penning in the details with a black marker. Genius! And it looks so pretty!


Painting Your Pumpkin – Great idea for me since I’m handy with a paint brush, but not so great yielding a sharp knife. Paint your pumpkin white or ivory, and then paint decorations on them with black paint. I very much am in love with the zebra print one.

Young House Love

Martha Stewart

Will you be doing pumpkins this year? I really like the painting idea, so I may opt out of the traditional look for something a little more Erin. (plus, I'm not really allowed to use the big girl knives anymore...)

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