November 21, 2010

A Simple Christmas Decoration

Today it has been brutally cold and icy out (well, for Victoria, that is) and although I generally tune out when people complain about being bored, I admit, I am. Richard, the dogs, and I all got enough of the snow yesterday, and now I'm left with a cold house, way too much comfort food, and a house not yet decorated for the upcoming holiday season.

But yes, there is an easy solution! It involves wine, old holiday decorations and some simple ideas.

Here is how to create a simple holiday decoration, using basic holiday supplies. Easy to do and beautiful to look at!


Grab a vase or bowl, lots of ribbon and some left over Christmas tree bulbs


Place big strips of ribbon at bottom


Layer the bulbs on top of the big ribbon


Arrange the narrow ribbon in a big messy pile that trails deep into the vase


Voila! A cute dish of centerpiece goodness! I'm putting mine on the piano for the holidays, assuming I don't make 4 million more.

Also: SNOW!


Me sprinkling snow in my dogs face

Lucy and I

Lucy sprinkled with sugar

November 15, 2010

Oh How I Love You, UsedVictoria.Com!

Two awesome finds today! I couldn't believe my luck. UsedVictoria seems to be either hit or miss - there will be nothing good for weeks, and then bam, a ton of good finds all at once. That's okay, that's the way I like things anyways.

I picked up this small wood table for $15 - I plan to put a few new coats of white paint on it and have it in my living room as a side table. The handle is my favorite part! I might spray that chrome.

The wingedback chair I got for a pretty good deal - free!! You know what they say, one mans junk.. I am going to recover it and put it in the spare bedroom. Once it turns into the nursery I will probably recover it again for a mommy-and-me chair. This chair will look so good once I recover it, the old owners will probably wish it was still theirs!!

November 10, 2010

The Mudroom

Over the years, a mudroom has become a high priority for house hunters as one of the must-have rooms on wish lists. The mudroom is the space designed to keep all the shoes, coats, purses, sports equipment, backpacks, (and in my house dog leashes, recycling, and the odd screws and bolts that find their way into my hubby's pockets). Simply put - it is a room designed to catch all the junk that a family comes and goes with, and make sure it doesn't leach into any of the prettier rooms of the house.

Although my mudroom (formally called the "laundry room" - now called the "dogs' room") looks not nearly as beautiful as the rooms pictured above, I do dream of having it look as pretty and tidy as these one day.

November 3, 2010

Orange and Robin's Egg Blue

Trend watch! Orange is HOT right now - but paired with this soft Robin's Egg Blue, it is absolutely divine. What do you think?