November 21, 2010

A Simple Christmas Decoration

Today it has been brutally cold and icy out (well, for Victoria, that is) and although I generally tune out when people complain about being bored, I admit, I am. Richard, the dogs, and I all got enough of the snow yesterday, and now I'm left with a cold house, way too much comfort food, and a house not yet decorated for the upcoming holiday season.

But yes, there is an easy solution! It involves wine, old holiday decorations and some simple ideas.

Here is how to create a simple holiday decoration, using basic holiday supplies. Easy to do and beautiful to look at!


Grab a vase or bowl, lots of ribbon and some left over Christmas tree bulbs


Place big strips of ribbon at bottom


Layer the bulbs on top of the big ribbon


Arrange the narrow ribbon in a big messy pile that trails deep into the vase


Voila! A cute dish of centerpiece goodness! I'm putting mine on the piano for the holidays, assuming I don't make 4 million more.

Also: SNOW!


Me sprinkling snow in my dogs face

Lucy and I

Lucy sprinkled with sugar

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