December 2, 2010

Dining Dilemma

My current dining room

I have to own up to something: I’ve completely lost interest in my dining room walls. There was a time, not so long ago, when I filled every room with warmth and nice buttery caramel walls. But somewhere along the line, I have become obsessed with the cool look of light blue, white furniture, and chrome accessories (Ou! Shinny!!)

This look is currently my decorating obsession. I even got my Mom, queen of the ‘warm look’ to get on the chrome bandwagon, and she is now currently tearing apart Victoria on some very dangerous ‘chrome deer figurine’ hunt, which I spent the better half of Saturday talking about (same deer, Jennie. I know..)

But, cruising Blogland the other day (what, Erin? You actually DO that??), I came across a few photos of a living space – with walls the same colour as mine! I decided instantly that I loved the design, tilted my head and decided ‘yes, I can make this work’. I did, after all, only choose the wall colour in the dining room 18 months ago. And although my husband would not be the least bit surprised by my sudden onset of painters remorse, you can bet your best dish set that he is not going to let me change it again.


To make my space ‘cooler’, I will be reupholstering my dining room chairs (the plan from day one), in a light grey or blue pattern. Something like the following:

All fabrics above, available at Fabric.Com $9-16 /yard

I plan on forcing the husband to build me a nice new dining table, but I am fully aware this will not happen until after the ho-ho-ho season. I also will be on the look out for some nice, chunky black photo frames, for a photo collage. I will probably feature a few photos from my photography business - nothing too personal. I like to reserve all personal photos for the upper rooms of my house. Not that I dine with the queen that often, but when I do, I'm sure she prefers to admire artsy photos of cherry blossom silhouettes, rather than close ups of my dog (AKA The Beast).
I should also add the following to my decor budget. Ahem.
China, by Vera Wang - $$$$

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