May 25, 2011

Nice Knobs, Baby

Okay, so you probably remember me blabbing on about the new hardware for the bathroom vanity the other day. Well I finally bit the bullet and bought some great ones from the-blue-store-for-wives-that-like-to-reno-but-can't-get-their-husband-past-the-front-door. I thought I would share with you how I spruced up that old vanity with some hardware, so here ya go.

And if you have no interest in my knobs (see what I did there) but want to blow off some steam at work you can easily turn this post into a drinking game and take a sip every time I say the word knob. Knob, knob, KNOB! Alright, that should give you a good start.

Here is a short video - a MorganDesignInc first!! And if you're reading this at work and don't want to be found out (yeah, I'm talkin' to you, blondie!) I describe everything below.

Who knew that a little hardware would make such a difference, or that my voice was really that annoying! How about all that reno mess in the background? Feeling inspired yet?

First thing to do is [figure out] and mark exactly where you want your hardware to be. I chose to install my knobs 2 1/2" down from the top, and centered on the frame (yes, I need a new tape measure)...

...then drilled the hole, making sure to hold my drill straight (I know it's not in the photo.. it's hard to drill and take your own photos, you know). Make sure the drill bit you use is the same width of the base of your screw, so that it was fit nice and tight...

...take your good ol' [brand new] knob...

...and screw it nice and tight into the hole you just drilled.

The handles were done the same way, but because of two screws - there was a lot more bad language...

And here is how great the doors look now with their new knobs and handles!

It was definitely lots of fun - mostly impart because I love a great before-and-after result, especially for little to no money. Hope anyone at home who decides to follow suit ends up with something at least this sweet.

May 19, 2011

UsedVictoria Thursdays

Almost missed it! We can't have that...

Here are the best find of the week on UsedVictoria.Com

This twin bed frame is so cute I had to point it out to Rich (would has promised to build me one when we have a 5 year old, and not before)

A KING size, antique head board (so rear to find a king) - if I took this pretty baby home she would get a nice coat of white paint and I would upholster the back of it

Happy Thursday!

Client's Bathroom

I have been helping my parents renovate their whole house this past year - doing very little physical helping, more design-idea-helping. And it has been a blast! The style they want to keep for their house is so different from the cookie-cutter-white-base-board-design that it has been so interesting and challenging to make sure they get the look they want, but still something I am very proud to put the 'ol MorganDesignIncStampOfApproval on.

While I will have lots of photos for you soon (one day.), today I am speaking specifically of the master bedroom en suite. This room will for sure be the most MorganDesignIncSignatureLook room in the entire house - mostly because my Mom has caved and is considering WHITE floors, marble no less.

Here is the vanity they have already purchased for the bathroom, and it is a perfect jumping off place:

Available at Costco Online

Here are some images and ideas that I am finding particularly inspiring, and hopefully my mom will find some things she likes out of them as well:

Hubby and I have recently developed quite the thing for interesting tile-mat layouts...

May 17, 2011

You're a Knob.

The bathroom vanity is all patched, primed and painted (I know you're all thinking 'what? that bathrooms not done yet??' I know, tell me about it) and now just needs to be slapped together and needs some pretty hardware to seal the deal. The hunt begins...

While knob shopping with Hubby last night, I realised I love saying the word knob [loudly! And in especially in crowded stores] I also was really disappointed with the selection available. We browsed HomeDepot and Rona (that's right, I got him to come to two different stores - what a guy) and neither had what I was looking for. Okay, I don't really know what I'm looking for, but the standard issue brushed steel bow handle will not cut it. Honestly, I really thought I wasn't this picky [quiet, Rich].

I resolved to not settle, and to keep looking. The cabinet is still functional without handles, so it's okay if I want to wait for something special. This bathroom, after all, has taken 16 months so far - what's another week or so?

On a whim, I checked out Etsy today, expecting to see crafty-fork-arty knobs, but guess what? The powers of Etsy have wow'd me again! Check out some of these amazing knobs and pulls available online. I, of course, will most likely be trying to recreate one of these gems to save money, but admit I'm tempted to just click 'add to cart'



I'm leaning towards these ones:

Simple, shabby chic, and I love how the glass makes them just pop! Now just to make them.

Or cave, go to LeeValley and spend $7 each on a few knobs that will be 'good-enough'. Thoughts?


May 15, 2011

Bathroom Vanity Paint

Okay, okay... I know I've been pondering this question forever, but I still am not 100% decided on the colour I will be painted the bathroom vanity for the bathroom reno. All week I've been priming and sanding (and priming and sanding and..) but now it's all ready for some pretty paint.
I was going to paint it a nice medium grey/blue, but I'm starting to chicken out, and am leaning towards my original thought of white.

Here are some spaces similar to the bathroom's end result, with a blue or grey painted vanity:

And yes, I realize the last two are kitchens, smart-alec.

And here are a few spaces like my bathroom, with a white vanity:

After a recent conversation with our buddy Pete (while I was typing this post, actually), he agrees that white is the way to go. If I paint it white, get the bathroom finished (haha, yeah right) and I don't like it, I can always paint it grey/blue then. He also pointed out that it is pouring outside, and I already have white paint at home. Tu shay.

With that, I wish you all a happy rest of your weekend, because this little blogger has some painting to do!

May 13, 2011

UsedVictoria Thursdays - okay, Friday.

Hello All, sorry about the late post. I wrote it all yesterday and then the blog crashed, and I had to re write it. Boo!! But it was to good to just skip.

This week I'm doing something a little different - in addition to posting gems I find on UsedVictoria.Com, I will also be posting a photo of what the project could look like after revamping it! All 'after' photos are care of DesignSponge.Com


And here is a possible 'after' photo:


And here is a possible 'after' photo:

And here is a possible 'after' photo:

And here is a possible 'after' photo (chair version):

May 10, 2011

Anniversary and Other Kiss-y Face Moments

Two years ago yesterday, I married the love of my life! He is my best friend, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Alright, enough of that yucky mushy stuff. Last night was our anniversary, and although our wedding night we promised each other we would make a huge deal out of each anniversary, we opted to stay in and have a low key night.

I came home to flowers (!!!) and we ordered in pizza. Low key? Umm, yeah. Enjoyable? It was perfect! And after a lazy dinner we went up to the bathroom reno and worked together (!!!) on the vanity remodel. Photos to come (oh lord... so many photos...)

Hubby posted this [horrible] photo of me last night saying this: "Married two years and this is how she wants to spend our and I Still love her... "

And there you have it. A wonderful anniversary night a la Morgan.

PS - the vanity is taking much more time than I had hoped (yet just as much time as I have expected). I will be posting photos of the how-to soon. And maybe soon, dare I say, some 'after photos'?? Hmm, maybe I should get moving on choosing the paint colour then (I know, Erin painting something in her house a different colour than white - shocking!!)