June 4, 2012

Bathroom Choices

With the never ending bathroom reno still,... well... never ending - I have at least finally decided on and ordered the sink and faucet ("What's that Erin?  You didn't already order those?!") 

I decided on the sink a very long time ago, so this was an easy order.  BOXE by AmericanStandard.

The faucet took a little more thought.  I finally found what I wanted, only to find out it was discontinued.  So, instead I found this faucet.  It was above our original price range - but we said to heck with it.  We will be using this faucet forever, so it might as well be exactly what we want.  So I ordered SERIN by AmericanStandard.

They should be here this week sometime, and I can't wait to get things rolling.  Hopefully these will inspire us to wrap this reno up (and start a new one?  Ahem.)