December 28, 2011

2011 Recap

Even though we are officially into the year 2012 (Happy New Years, everyone!), I still love going through this blog as a reminder of all that we accomplished - and thought I would make a list of all the major events and projects we tackled this year!

Demo'd That Ugly Bathroom! We even started putting it back together again!

Stamp Art Project Free and easy can still equal purdy.

Some Custom Tumblers Bribing friends is always the answer.

Covered Jewelery Boxes For a little razzle dazzle where ever you need it

Some Sweet Kitchen Art And endless jokes about BlueCrabs with Hubby

Scored Some Amazing Deals at Garage Sales And can't wait to hit the DeanPark one again in 2012 with Baby in tow!

Stayed Married for Another Whole Year Being married to my best friend helps.

Came Up with Endless Jokes About Knobs You're a knob.

Painted My Front Door Now it's gray - not dirty white!

Finished a Client's Bathroom Yet didn't finish my own. That's life with a decorator and a carpenter - the house is never done!

Painted Most of the House Most! That's pretty good here at CasaMorgan

Spray Painted Some Lamps And loving the results

Some Free Artwork GraphicsFairy + lazy afternoon = prettier walls!

Made a Baby! This link IS work appropriate - it does not include the 'making-of' part.

And then things got kinda lazy at CasaMorgan... funny how that is!

2012 Resolutions

Every year I decide on a few resolutions to tackle - this year I am going to publicly proclaim them, in hopes that it will either give me some accountability, or at least I remember what they were...

Resolution #1 - Get Baby Here Safe and Sound: With BabyMorgan due March 30th, I am looking forward to bring him or her into the world. Hubby and I are so excited to meet our new little DIYer that we can't wait!

The new cloth diapers finishing drying on the dining table, all ready for Baby's bum!

Resolution #2 - Finish That Silly Bathroom: I know I keep putting this on the list, but with Baby on the way - it's crunch time! Once the floors are done, we are in the home stretch, so we just need to keep plugging away at it. It will be so nice to have a toilet upstairs again!

Photo of the gutted bathroom from January (PS - it looks much better now)

Resolution #3 - Keep Up With Projects: Becoming a first time Mom, I know this baby will probably rock my world, but I hope to get into a routine and be able to still do the little house projects that give me pleasure. A small art project while Baby is napping would put a smile on my face for sure.

Me painting the bathroom vanity on our wedding anniversary this year - there's always time for projects!

Resolution #4 - Finish Baby's Room: Fairly obvious that this needs to get done, and with the fabric being delivered today - things are looking good! I will be sewing like mad in the next month or so, and will keep you updated on the progress (or lack of.)

Baby's room theme board - still lots to do

Resolution #5 - Finish Painting the Exterior: What? You thought we stopped talking about it because we were done?? Nope. We are almost done, but ran out of paint just as we ran out of sunny weather. Next spring we will finish up the paint and the trim work, just in time to enjoy the yard.

A progress picture of the front entry paint job this summer - it is more complete now than in the photo

Resolution #6 - Become More Diligent With Blogging/Recording Our House Progress: This is one thing I think most bloggers fight internally with - "do I blog about it, or move on to the next fun thing" (answer: always next fun thing). I use this blog to keep track of what we have accomplished and how we did something - and it's nice to look back and see a project from start to finish (the bathroom progress recap will be EPIC!)

FACT: I started this blog in 2010, and ended that year with 41 posts. In 2011 we have put up 84 posts (and still counting!) Now THATS progress!!

Resolution #7 - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, and Try to Smell the Roses: This is more of a personal one for me. I am constantly moving, and planning the next project to tackle. Being pregnant has been a huge chance for my way of thinking. Once Baby arrives, I want to remember to skip mopping the floors once in a while, and just soak up being a Mommy and Wife.

Dining room table covered in washed baby clothes - I'm sure this will be a common sight in the next few years at CasaMorgan!

Do you have any resolutions for the up coming NewYear? Share them with us! We're all here to keep each other motivated!

December 16, 2011

And then she finally ordered the fabric

Well, I've done it! I have officially decided on the fabrics for Baby's room, and have ordered it all - just like a big girl! To be honest, I never really thought I would get it done.

Here is the big, pretty list of all I have ordered, and what I will be using it for:

Re upholster the winged back chair

Cushion for winged back chair

Full length drapes for the window

Chair seat for small chair in corner


Bulletin board cover project

Large pillow for floor sitting (ie, something comfy for my butt while I play with baby on the floor)

The whole order only cost me $150.00 including shipping, so it is a big score for CasaMorgan. Buying the same fabric for just the chair in town would have cost me nearly that much. Go!!

I am so happy with all of my choices, and honestly am shaky waiting for the fabric to arrive. Even though I only ordered it 17 minutes ago. Is it here yet?!?

I will of course be showing you what I make as I make it - expect to see lots of Elna, my amazing sewing machine in the next few months. I will even post DIY's for some of the easier projects - but feel free to ask me any questions about a project via comments on the post, or emailing I am always here to lend a hand! (figuratively. I'm actually very lazy in person)

All fabrics available (and purchased!) from

December 5, 2011

Bathroom Updates regards to updating the bathroom - there are no updates. Or very little.

Last weekend we fully intended to install new subfloor, lay the heated wires for the floor, self level, install the tile floor and grout. As you can imagine, almost none of this got done. I came down with a horrible case of the cant-even-keep-water-down morning sickness for the weekend, which may have also demotivated Hubby. I'm a lousy sick person.

Now that I'm feeling better I have high hopes again for life, er the bathroom. Because stubbing my foot on the half installed subfloor at 3am this morning when I remembered there isn't a toilet upstairs right now really was less fun than you think.

SO - to keep moral high and keep our chins up when we think about how much work there still is to do, here is a photo of the missing ugly light fixture from the bathroom! We (hah, okay, Hubby) has since installed new light fixtures, which look amazing. But this hole/paint mismatch still exists in the room. It's kind of fun, since it reminds me that yes, when we moved in the bathroom was painted white/grey/beige sponge paint. *shudder* My bathroom has to turn out better than that!

November 16, 2011

New PremierPrints Fabrics

I thought I would show you a few of my favorite fabrics from the new PremierPrints' line that was just released.... so beautiful! (and no, I am not changing the nursery fabrics again - just maybe adding to them!)

$7.48 - Fabric.Com

$7.48 - Fabric.Com

$7.48 - Fabric.Com

$7.48 - Fabric.Com

$7.48 - Fabric.Com

$7.48 - Fabric.Com

November 7, 2011

Halfway to MommyVille!

Today marks the half way point through my pregnancy - and it is wonderful! Reassurance that baby is doing great, knowledge that I am at LEAST half way through my morning sickness (that's right, everyday still), and comfort in the fact that baby is growing like a weed despite my non-baby belly.

Along with these wonderful thoughts and feelings comes Erin's overactive brain - "only 5 months until baby is here!" Ahh! Maybe I should start working on getting that nursery together. I am still torn with what fabrics to choose, but I think I am narrowing down my list. There is 'wants' and 'lets-be-realistic' choices for the nursery, so I'll show you how I plan on getting lots of highs on a low budget. Hopefully.

For drapes - all along I have been pining for this fabric.

$7.48 - Fabric.Com

At just $7.48/yard (steal!) 5 yards for drapes will only cost $37.40. I won't have to line them either, as I want to install black-out-blinds as well (mothers of little ones keep telling me this is a must if I want to sleep at all past 5am. Which I do)

And look how lovely the fabric looks as drapes! The genius Rachel from SouthernExposure had the same idea as me. Great minds, eh?


For the wing back chair I have to recover, I was thinking of this cheerful pattern from PaulThomas:

$31.98 - Fabric.Com

But at $31.98/yard, 7 yards will come to $223.86. Yikes! Way out of my "Hunny, you won't even notice the transation in the account" budget.

Instead, I found this fabric from PremierPrints (same designer as the drape fabric):

$8.48 - Fabric.Com

At only $8.48 - 7 yards will only be $59.36. Sah-weet. At a savings of $164.50, I can easily do without birdies on my chair. BUT, if I still can't live without that cute fabric, I can always spurge for 1/2 a yard in the brown for a toss cushion:

$31.98 - Fabric.Com

And to recap the final choices (okay, final for today, until Fabric.Com releases some cute fabrics and makes me second guess myself).

October 28, 2011

So Awesome, it's Spooky

TheBloggess is not only one of the funniest people in the world, but apparently she is amazingly diverse as well! For the past 11 years she has been slowly working on a haunted doll house. And it is even more impressive than it sounds.

I would love to make one of these, if I thought I could do it without spooking myself too much.

Check out tons of photos of this amazing doll house here!

October 19, 2011

Baby -ville Ideas

Since I have clearly given up on the 31 Day Challenge (a combination of debilitating morning sickness and the fact that my computer is not playing nice at all) , I thought I would move on and get back to what I really feel like posting about. Baby rooms progress.

The room is slowly starting to look like the clean slate I was hoping for, so we're getting to the point where I can start adding some fun ideas back into the room. Yay for the fun part! Here are some items that have or will make there way into Bean's room in the next little while:

I bought a faux-sheepskin from Ikea for $9.99 - but here is the more luxurious real one

A table I bought on UsedVictoria for $10! I have since painted the top white (updated photo to come) - originally seen here

Free Printable Flashcards from TheHandmadeHome

At $25.00 a piece, it is killing me that I may need 6 of these for by the crib - TheAnimalPrintShop

And this hideously upholstered chair - which still needs to be recovered. I found this chair on UsedVictoria for FREE!! Original post here

We still have a long way to go - but soon I will have some progress photos for you (assuming I actually make some progress).

I am still fighting with myself over what fabric scheme to go for. Mostly neutral, yes. But with a hit of navy and lime? Orange? Grey and yellow? Too many to decide between, so instead I think I will procrastinate some more.

What colours do you think I should add?

October 11, 2011

31 Days {Day 11} 5 Must Have’s for the Perfect Bar Cart

Just because I have giant can’t-drink-for-6-more-months sign on my tummy right now (in the form of a quickly developing baby bump), doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be a good hostess this holiday season. Drinking is the key to holiday fun – okay, okay, but it is important to make your guests feel welcome, and here at Casa Morgan that revolves around booze. I have always loved the idea of a beautiful chrome bar cart.

Sarah Richardson

But since we don’t share SarahRichardson’s budget, I hunted down a $10 version at a garage sale last spring.


But, I always prefer a well stocked bar to one that looks pretty. Here are 5 must have’s for your bar this holiday season:

1. Glasses

Although I have lots of glasses stashed in kitchen cupboards, I make sure to keep a few wine glasses and some tumblers right on my bar cart. This way I’m ready to serve at all times for a small crowd, and can run to the kitchen if the party gets bigger than expected.

2. Wine

Red and white! Although I drink both red and white, I would keep a few bottles of each handy even if I didn’t. It’s nice to be able to serve someone what they really will enjoy. And don’t think you have to spend a fortune to get your wine count up, either. I have a ‘under $15’ rule, and in sticking to it the past few years, I have discovered many wonderful wines that I might have over looked next to their pricier cousin. When in doubt ‘EverythingWine’ is my go to when I’m unsure – their knowledgeable staff always is able to find me just the bottle I’m looking for (even when I don’t know what I’m looking for)

3. Hard Bar

We don’t drink a lot of hard bar in our house, but I tend to keep it all corralled on the bar cart. Close to the holidays, I stock up on a few essentials (rum, vodka, whiskey, Amerato, and Baileys) so that there is a little bit of a selection for guests. When in doubt, rum and vodka are great when mixed with soda or fruit juice, so these are always a versatile choice.

4. Beer

Come on, keep the boys happy.

5. Supplies

I make sure to keep things like napkins, cork screw, reusable cork and a good cocktail mixing book right on my bar cart. This way it is all there for when I need it – no rooting threw the kitchen drawers every time someone asks for a little red.

31 Days {Day 10} Quilts – Done Right

Although I would never describe my style as country, I do like a relaxed look in my spaces from time to time. And fall is the perfect time to bring in those cosy comforts that make a room seem more homey. Quilts are one great way to mellow out a room. Sarah Richardson is queen of making quilts look posh and keeping the country out of homey chic. Here are some of her rooms in which she used quilts in the perfect way.

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

And for those of you that make quilts (applause!) – or like me are tempted to make a quilt, here is a link to a fabulous DIY quilt. Although I have yet to try it, she explains things very well, and the finished product is nothing short of amazing.

Don’t Look Now – Quilt Along!