December 16, 2011

And then she finally ordered the fabric

Well, I've done it! I have officially decided on the fabrics for Baby's room, and have ordered it all - just like a big girl! To be honest, I never really thought I would get it done.

Here is the big, pretty list of all I have ordered, and what I will be using it for:

Re upholster the winged back chair

Cushion for winged back chair

Full length drapes for the window

Chair seat for small chair in corner


Bulletin board cover project

Large pillow for floor sitting (ie, something comfy for my butt while I play with baby on the floor)

The whole order only cost me $150.00 including shipping, so it is a big score for CasaMorgan. Buying the same fabric for just the chair in town would have cost me nearly that much. Go!!

I am so happy with all of my choices, and honestly am shaky waiting for the fabric to arrive. Even though I only ordered it 17 minutes ago. Is it here yet?!?

I will of course be showing you what I make as I make it - expect to see lots of Elna, my amazing sewing machine in the next few months. I will even post DIY's for some of the easier projects - but feel free to ask me any questions about a project via comments on the post, or emailing I am always here to lend a hand! (figuratively. I'm actually very lazy in person)

All fabrics available (and purchased!) from

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