November 15, 2010

Oh How I Love You, UsedVictoria.Com!

Two awesome finds today! I couldn't believe my luck. UsedVictoria seems to be either hit or miss - there will be nothing good for weeks, and then bam, a ton of good finds all at once. That's okay, that's the way I like things anyways.

I picked up this small wood table for $15 - I plan to put a few new coats of white paint on it and have it in my living room as a side table. The handle is my favorite part! I might spray that chrome.

The wingedback chair I got for a pretty good deal - free!! You know what they say, one mans junk.. I am going to recover it and put it in the spare bedroom. Once it turns into the nursery I will probably recover it again for a mommy-and-me chair. This chair will look so good once I recover it, the old owners will probably wish it was still theirs!!

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