April 29, 2011

Art Inspiration

Just had to share the latest obsession at MorganHouse (well, one of the latest obsessions). While
cruising blog land, a few great and easy DIY artwork projects caught my eye.

Now, I'm pretty crafty (not like that, but just in case - keep your eye on me) but I think these few projects are easy enough for even the faint at heart. All you need is a little pat on the back and a good 'you-can-do-it' from someone. So, here it is: "You can doooo it!!" Good - now get to work.

Best part is, all these project could be done with still being friendly to the bottom line. I'm a firm believer that you don't need any (okay, much) money to get the house you want. Further proof that money doesn’t buy happiness (only gift cards to HomeSense buy happiness.)

I'm a huge fan of basic pattern painted canvases - so cheap and easy to do! Even the plain yellow one above makes a great statement. And if you aren't crafty enough to paint one colour on one canvas, I have no idea how you were able to find the 'on' button to the computer

A canvas painted with a simple drip method - love it! Pick two or three colours, turn the canvas on its side, and slop the paint on the top, leaving time to dry in between colours. Can't get much easier!

Fabric wrapped canvas! Yes. It's that easy. Don't let these designers fool you

Ceiling medallions! Grab a few from a used furniture store or garage sale (or HomeDepot... if you must..) spray them gloss white or a fun colour - instant wall art! Considering this for my upper hallway (but I know for a fact that I will have trouble convincing Hubby)

April 28, 2011

UsedVictoria Thursdays

Just a few pretty things for you today. UsedVictoria is usually hit-or-miss, and it was slim pickins' today. Although I do truly love the few items I found, and would welcome them into my house any day, if Hubby didn't think I already have enough furniture projects..

April 24, 2011

Charley Harper

Loving Charley Harper prints lately, and I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. I'm thinking I need to get a few prints and hang them in the spare room, and maybe once the bathroom reno is done, put a few in there as well. What do you think?

April 21, 2011

UsedVictoria Thursdays

This past week was a busy week for MoganHouse. We had the AnnualDeanPark garage sale, where we scored a ton of great deals (which I've obviously already started attacking with a spray paint can). I also found a few great deals on UsedVictoria!

An 18" tin star for only $2!!! She obviously didn't know what she had, but I was happy to take it off her hands (one of the only times I've paid asking price for something!)

A cute wood table, which I have small plans for (future post, of course). She was asking $25, but I got it for only $15

Sorry I didn't tell you about them sooner - but you might have blabbed. Here are a few great items for sale on UsedVictoria right now (that I haven't stolen from under your noses!)

Cute side table! Paint it a light Easter colour for some shabby chic goodness for only $25!

April 20, 2011

New Premier Prints

I have to say - I think PremierPrints is one of my favorite fabric companies. They always come out with the coolest, boldest, erinest (yeah, it's a word - look it up) fabrics. They just released a few more patterns in their indoor-outdoor line, and I am pretty smitten:

April 19, 2011

Chaise Follow Up

Remember that chaise lounger I sketched up for Richard to make me (two of them, so Krista and I can have margarita day- I mean, 'tea time')

Here I am thinking I've come up with something I can't find in the stores, and then Ikea comes along and gives me the exact item I was looking for! Thank you Ikea! They must read this blog.

It's almost identical!! Obviously my Swedish friends and I think very much alike. And at $129.00 each they are reasonably priced - although I think I (and by I, I mean Hubby) can make them for a lot less. Hubby works for beer, so I better stop by the liquor store on my way home from Sleggs...

Equestrian Chic

Thinking about my lovely sister-in-law, wait, scratch that - 'wine buddy' Brooke today, and it has given me a little equestrian inspiration.

Her beautiful big boy 'Abe'

Brooke and Abe in a show (both girl and horse clean up pretty nice)

The barn - love the ceilings!

Although I am no horse rider myself, and am still a little skidish whenever I go to the barn, I absolutely love the soul full feeling a little pony love gives an interior design. Check out some of my favorite interiors featuring some equestrian chic:

April 17, 2011

Dean Park Annual Garage Sale

Garage sale Sundays!! Okay, just kidding - but I do have a big juicy post for today! Yesterday was the Annual Dean Park Garage Sale. Hubby and I hit it bright and early with our friends Cory, Julie and her daughter. It was not only a blast, but by far the most productive 'deal hunting' day I have ever had.

Above are a few of my awesome deals - I got all the frames above for $2 total! Lamp cost from left to right was: free, $1, $2 and $2. Score. I of course have big plans for all of these. Most of the frames I will be painting white and using for a photo collage wall in the dining room. The lamp shades will all have to go, since they are obviously hideous, and all lamps will be painted a different colour.

Above is my free lamp that I found at the end of the day. Hideous? Yes. Salvageable? Yes. Probably. Richard has his doubts, but knows better than to get between his wife and a can of spray paint. I have a feeling this will not only be beautiful when I'm done with it, but one of my favorite items. Time will tell.

Above: another hideous item - but I know it will be perfect with a little (a lot) of elbow grease. And for $10 for a bar cart - I don't mind splurging a few hours.

And now, for the deal of my life: the cane chair of my dreams. It is exactly what I have been on the hunt for to go in our bedroom. At one garage sale yesterday, a lady was sitting on it while she was selling her items. On a whim, I just asked her if it was for sale, thinking if it was anything under $100 it was a steal. "Oh yep! $10." What? "I'LL TAKE IT" I yelled louder than I'd like to admit.

And it's in perfect shape!! Even the upholstery is a nice colour! This chair is worth $300-500 in rough shape - so at $10 this was a no brainer.

And now a side shot...

Ouu, and one of that lovely leg..

Okay, fine, I'm done.

Not pictured are a scrapbook paper box for free, 4 large metal planters for $10 total. Also, a bunch of 'boy things' that don't really fit in the whole design blog category, although Hubby assures me they were amazing deals (chainsaw for $20, two free weed whackers, $2 tool box, to name a few). And that's not even including the free basketball hoop and $5 hockey net that Cory scored. The boys had just as much luck as the girls.

And lastly, a photo of me. Wait, no - 'The $2 Lamp Diva'. Yes, I like that. Cheers!

April 14, 2011

UsedVictoria Thursdays (really? can we make this a thing?!)

You all know how I feel about UsedVictoria - I mean, check out some of the scores I've gotten on there! And remember that post a while back - can we do this every Thursday?

I vote yes for today, but I would love your feedback in the meantime! Here are some great items available right now:

I hope you all know that I really post these so that I remember what deals I am considering for my own house. Ah UsedVictoria - you would never steer me wrong.

Wow - those last set of chairs really are the bee's knees... I notice I posted a lot of green velvet - curious. Do I feel the early flutter of a future project coming on?? Hubby says no.