April 13, 2011

Our Dining Room

I'm a big fan of 'before and after's. But, since I feel like we are never quite done renovating and decorating a room, I prefer to use the phrase 'before and progress'.

The dining room reno started one New Years day, when I (thinking I was being very sly finding a loophole to Richard's renovation clause) torn off the trim and started the drywall mudding process to get rid of that hideous wall texture (bleck!) After mudding, and sanding, and painting, and trimming came.... wait for it.... the house flood.

So,... some drying out of the house, new flooring, then... wait for it... mudding, and sanding, and painting, and trimming. No wonder we're getting so good at it.

Although I still want to recover the chairs in a pretty light blue fabric, toss in a Persian rug, and maybe paint the buffet and hutch - here is my 'progress'

Recap of some 'expenses' :

- buffet and hutch (FREE! Burnt to a crisp, and I sanded and refinished it)

- dining table (FREE! Second hand from Rich's Dad)

- two floral prints (Prints: 3 for $15 at Ikea, Frames: $8 for a set of two)

- set of 5 chairs ($100 for set on UsedVictoria - score!)

- drapes ($100 for the set from Fabricland)

- bar table (FREE! Just had to sand and refinish..)

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