April 21, 2011

UsedVictoria Thursdays

This past week was a busy week for MoganHouse. We had the AnnualDeanPark garage sale, where we scored a ton of great deals (which I've obviously already started attacking with a spray paint can). I also found a few great deals on UsedVictoria!

An 18" tin star for only $2!!! She obviously didn't know what she had, but I was happy to take it off her hands (one of the only times I've paid asking price for something!)

A cute wood table, which I have small plans for (future post, of course). She was asking $25, but I got it for only $15

Sorry I didn't tell you about them sooner - but you might have blabbed. Here are a few great items for sale on UsedVictoria right now (that I haven't stolen from under your noses!)

Cute side table! Paint it a light Easter colour for some shabby chic goodness for only $25!

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