April 17, 2011

Dean Park Annual Garage Sale

Garage sale Sundays!! Okay, just kidding - but I do have a big juicy post for today! Yesterday was the Annual Dean Park Garage Sale. Hubby and I hit it bright and early with our friends Cory, Julie and her daughter. It was not only a blast, but by far the most productive 'deal hunting' day I have ever had.

Above are a few of my awesome deals - I got all the frames above for $2 total! Lamp cost from left to right was: free, $1, $2 and $2. Score. I of course have big plans for all of these. Most of the frames I will be painting white and using for a photo collage wall in the dining room. The lamp shades will all have to go, since they are obviously hideous, and all lamps will be painted a different colour.

Above is my free lamp that I found at the end of the day. Hideous? Yes. Salvageable? Yes. Probably. Richard has his doubts, but knows better than to get between his wife and a can of spray paint. I have a feeling this will not only be beautiful when I'm done with it, but one of my favorite items. Time will tell.

Above: another hideous item - but I know it will be perfect with a little (a lot) of elbow grease. And for $10 for a bar cart - I don't mind splurging a few hours.

And now, for the deal of my life: the cane chair of my dreams. It is exactly what I have been on the hunt for to go in our bedroom. At one garage sale yesterday, a lady was sitting on it while she was selling her items. On a whim, I just asked her if it was for sale, thinking if it was anything under $100 it was a steal. "Oh yep! $10." What? "I'LL TAKE IT" I yelled louder than I'd like to admit.

And it's in perfect shape!! Even the upholstery is a nice colour! This chair is worth $300-500 in rough shape - so at $10 this was a no brainer.

And now a side shot...

Ouu, and one of that lovely leg..

Okay, fine, I'm done.

Not pictured are a scrapbook paper box for free, 4 large metal planters for $10 total. Also, a bunch of 'boy things' that don't really fit in the whole design blog category, although Hubby assures me they were amazing deals (chainsaw for $20, two free weed whackers, $2 tool box, to name a few). And that's not even including the free basketball hoop and $5 hockey net that Cory scored. The boys had just as much luck as the girls.

And lastly, a photo of me. Wait, no - 'The $2 Lamp Diva'. Yes, I like that. Cheers!

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