March 31, 2011

Whimsical Woods

Okay. I get it. Coles and Son's famous 'Woods' wallpaper is cool. Like, super cool. It's not that I have been living in some cave in northern Alberta, nor is it that I didn't like this great pattern the second I saw it. It's pretty much perfection with wallpaper paste.

But I just didn't want to admit to myself how much I love it and need it to be a part of MorganHouse. Nothing says I’M BORING, SAFE AND GO ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE like thinking the only option for decorating is following everyone else's lead. I hate to be one with the crowd.

And although I like to be a leader, not a sheep - isn't this wall paper awesome?!? I couldn't take it any longer, and decided that I need it for the back of my buffet and hutch. Or as fabric (yeahuh! Totally available in fabric now *heart*) for an occasional chair in our bedroom. But, did you know it's kind of expensive? Like... $198 for 50sf of paper? Humf. So now I'm left here to think of a way to get some of that pretty tree-lovin-goodness in my house, for about.. $25. Hopefully there will be progress posts to come.

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