March 22, 2011

Used Victoria - The Hunt!

There are so many wonderful things for sale on UsedVictoria right now that it makes me tingle. But, because I recently promised my husband that I would not bring home any furniture or "projects" (heh, who am I kidding - all my furniture finds are projects) until our spare bedroom was cleaned out, I thought I would pass on my most tingle-worthy items currently for sale

Pure luxe, for only $250

Three tables for only $295!! Super cute

Sabby chic table - $110

Lovely dresser from the 1800's for only $150

Amazing side table for only $75!!!

Okay, truth be told, that last item really reeeeally made me beg my husband. No bites. I wonder if they would take $40....

1 comment:

  1. Those are some good finds my friend. I'd consider purchasing some of them..the set of white tables, the sabby chic table and the pure luxe loove! One day when I have the room perhaps..In the meantime I guess we can dream about purchasing them ; )