January 13, 2011

Lovely Lounger

It is still swirling with cold winds outside and threatening to snow again (the type of cool weather where you mutter in your sleep about how cold you are, but don’t bother to get up and walk the 3 feet to the thermostat). It has been hovering at 3 degrees for weeks now, and I know all of you East of the BC boarder are snickering ‘heh, wimps’, don’t hate us because of our pretty tans left from July. Just when I think I will never be warm again, and beg my husband to make a fire in the fireplace for the billionth time this week, I think to myself ‘I really need somewhere pretty to lounge in the yard this summer’.

After almost being stuck by a piece of flying lumber when I expressed this concern out loud to hubby, I began to draw up a sketch of my perfect lounger. I would need two, of course, so that Krista could join me in my quest for tan domination. And of course we would need a pool-boy named ‘Hugo’ to hand us our margaritas. Ahem.

I decided that I wanted a nice wood slatted frame, and an upholstered cushion on top. I wanted a frame that will sit up, but can recline down to make a flat surface when not being used as a lounger. This way, if we need more seating in the backyard, we can simple recline it, and we have seating for an extra three people (and it will be more comfortable when Krista and I flip over to get some rays on our backs).

I know that I want it upholstered in a bright yellow and white striped fabric, which apparently does not exist. If I can't find it by the time this project is done (2016.), then I will opt for a nice green and white or navy and white stripe. Is everyone ready for some sunshine, or is it just me? Speaking of yellow and white stripes:

And best of all:

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