December 28, 2011

2012 Resolutions

Every year I decide on a few resolutions to tackle - this year I am going to publicly proclaim them, in hopes that it will either give me some accountability, or at least I remember what they were...

Resolution #1 - Get Baby Here Safe and Sound: With BabyMorgan due March 30th, I am looking forward to bring him or her into the world. Hubby and I are so excited to meet our new little DIYer that we can't wait!

The new cloth diapers finishing drying on the dining table, all ready for Baby's bum!

Resolution #2 - Finish That Silly Bathroom: I know I keep putting this on the list, but with Baby on the way - it's crunch time! Once the floors are done, we are in the home stretch, so we just need to keep plugging away at it. It will be so nice to have a toilet upstairs again!

Photo of the gutted bathroom from January (PS - it looks much better now)

Resolution #3 - Keep Up With Projects: Becoming a first time Mom, I know this baby will probably rock my world, but I hope to get into a routine and be able to still do the little house projects that give me pleasure. A small art project while Baby is napping would put a smile on my face for sure.

Me painting the bathroom vanity on our wedding anniversary this year - there's always time for projects!

Resolution #4 - Finish Baby's Room: Fairly obvious that this needs to get done, and with the fabric being delivered today - things are looking good! I will be sewing like mad in the next month or so, and will keep you updated on the progress (or lack of.)

Baby's room theme board - still lots to do

Resolution #5 - Finish Painting the Exterior: What? You thought we stopped talking about it because we were done?? Nope. We are almost done, but ran out of paint just as we ran out of sunny weather. Next spring we will finish up the paint and the trim work, just in time to enjoy the yard.

A progress picture of the front entry paint job this summer - it is more complete now than in the photo

Resolution #6 - Become More Diligent With Blogging/Recording Our House Progress: This is one thing I think most bloggers fight internally with - "do I blog about it, or move on to the next fun thing" (answer: always next fun thing). I use this blog to keep track of what we have accomplished and how we did something - and it's nice to look back and see a project from start to finish (the bathroom progress recap will be EPIC!)

FACT: I started this blog in 2010, and ended that year with 41 posts. In 2011 we have put up 84 posts (and still counting!) Now THATS progress!!

Resolution #7 - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, and Try to Smell the Roses: This is more of a personal one for me. I am constantly moving, and planning the next project to tackle. Being pregnant has been a huge chance for my way of thinking. Once Baby arrives, I want to remember to skip mopping the floors once in a while, and just soak up being a Mommy and Wife.

Dining room table covered in washed baby clothes - I'm sure this will be a common sight in the next few years at CasaMorgan!

Do you have any resolutions for the up coming NewYear? Share them with us! We're all here to keep each other motivated!

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