December 28, 2011

2011 Recap

Even though we are officially into the year 2012 (Happy New Years, everyone!), I still love going through this blog as a reminder of all that we accomplished - and thought I would make a list of all the major events and projects we tackled this year!

Demo'd That Ugly Bathroom! We even started putting it back together again!

Stamp Art Project Free and easy can still equal purdy.

Some Custom Tumblers Bribing friends is always the answer.

Covered Jewelery Boxes For a little razzle dazzle where ever you need it

Some Sweet Kitchen Art And endless jokes about BlueCrabs with Hubby

Scored Some Amazing Deals at Garage Sales And can't wait to hit the DeanPark one again in 2012 with Baby in tow!

Stayed Married for Another Whole Year Being married to my best friend helps.

Came Up with Endless Jokes About Knobs You're a knob.

Painted My Front Door Now it's gray - not dirty white!

Finished a Client's Bathroom Yet didn't finish my own. That's life with a decorator and a carpenter - the house is never done!

Painted Most of the House Most! That's pretty good here at CasaMorgan

Spray Painted Some Lamps And loving the results

Some Free Artwork GraphicsFairy + lazy afternoon = prettier walls!

Made a Baby! This link IS work appropriate - it does not include the 'making-of' part.

And then things got kinda lazy at CasaMorgan... funny how that is!

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