January 19, 2012

Annual Snow Day!

Have I really not posted yet this month? What a crappy blogger I am!

Things have been busy here at CasaMorgan, both with renos and planning for Baby to arrive. I will be off work soon due to maternity health complications, so I'm sure there will be more interesting posts (code: I will be bored out of my mind waiting 2 months for this little Bean to show up).

Also, we finally had our week of snow here on Vancouver Island. It started out like this:

And we woke up the next day to this:

Needless to say, this whole city was shut down yesterday. Rich and I took the oppertunity to enjoy the snow with the pups, catch up on chores, and even made it to the hospital eventually to meet our friend's new little baby boy 'Jaydin' (PS adorable!!)

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