January 23, 2012

Nursery Fun

I worked on the nursery a bit this weekend, and finally got the nursery painted. I painted it a few weeks ago with left over paint - but do to my less-than-perfect paint mixing, the room left something to be desired. Hubby told me to cave and just buy a can of paint in a colour I actually wanted, and I decided he was right and $25 wasn't the end of the world. Here is the finally product once I was finished painting Saturday night:

I used GeneralPaint's "TanWrap (CL2791W)" and am very happy with the result. A simple, light beige, just what I wanted. With all the fancy patterned fabrics I'm using, I figured that a neutral backdrop was needed to showcase them.

Also this weekend, I decided to start tackling the wingback chair redo. While I did already re upholster the seat cushion, I have been procrastinating the start of the main chair redo. Why? Because I know it will be hard, frustrating, and I am much happier ignoring it and sewing drapes instead.

I started the demo of the existing upholstery, and this was the scene 30 minutes into the demo. This may take a while longer than I thought...

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