January 20, 2012

My Actual Dream House

I will admit I am an avid MLS stalker. That, and notorious for dreaming big. Put that together, and you have one frustrated hubby! Hubby and I love CasaMorgan, and are quite happy to stay there forever, but it is fun to dream.

There is one house in this world that I will always dream about though: Ardmore Hall. Because of a close friend, I had the opportunity once to tour the house, and let me just say that it is more amazing than you can imagine. Hubby and I were in awe of the millions of little details of this house and property, and the whimsy of these details makes it a truly special. When Hubby and I got home from viewing it that night, I started to ball my eyes out. When Hubby asked me what was wrong, and sniffled "Our house is such a dump!" Haha.

Here is the scene as you drive threw the iron gates and down the cobblestone driveway

And the view as you arrive to the front of the house. To the right side is a 3 car garage with lift system, so that 6 cars can be stored at once. The floors of the garage are carrara marble. There for - the garage is nicer than my house.

The pool house, complete with work out equipment, marble bathroom and it's own tanning bed. And the infinity pool, which is not only breath taking, but actually makes wine taste better.

The family room: comfortable yet still so elegant

The formal dining room: the bold choice of wall paper in this room is amazing in person and makes such a statement

Living room: I am still obsessed with the peacock fireplace screen

Living room: another view of this large entertaining space

Powder room near the front entry: amazing fixtures in this room. The sink is actually made of solid gold. Actually.

Front entry and staircase to upstairs: the banister was unreal, and the curved wall details make my heart flutter.

Master ensuite bathroom: the beautiful rain shower and striped walls almost distracted me from the unbelievable view of the ocean

The study: by far my favorite room in the whole house. The rich masculinity of this room was only out staged by my favorite feature: the platform up top that looked down on this area. The platform is lined with bookcases, and just reminds me so much of the old fashion castle libraries.

The view of the beautiful back yard landscaping and boardwalk

A more detailed view of the back of the house: perfectly landscaped, flawless walk ways, and finishes that I will copy on my house as much as possible.

It is always good to dream big.

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