January 19, 2012

Picnic Chic

With all this cold snowy weather, and being trapped in the house way too much lately (see here for photos of my cabin fever), I have been dreaming of lush grassy back yards and my big plans for our yard this summer.

One idea I have been toying with forever is a picnic table. We already have a dining patio set which we eat at, but maybe a picnic table in the far corner of the yard would be fun! I'm picturing hanging out there with the kids doing outdoor crafts (Read: messy glitter or paint ones. Read: as far away from my dining room drapes as possible.) Or hosting fun formal 'under-the-lantern-skies' dinners. And while I wonder if we would actually use it, I'm starting to care less and less, and get inspired by these photos.




What do you think of picnic tables? Do you think I'm silly? Do you know I'm silly, and still think it's a fun idea? Think Hubby will go for it?

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