December 5, 2011

Bathroom Updates regards to updating the bathroom - there are no updates. Or very little.

Last weekend we fully intended to install new subfloor, lay the heated wires for the floor, self level, install the tile floor and grout. As you can imagine, almost none of this got done. I came down with a horrible case of the cant-even-keep-water-down morning sickness for the weekend, which may have also demotivated Hubby. I'm a lousy sick person.

Now that I'm feeling better I have high hopes again for life, er the bathroom. Because stubbing my foot on the half installed subfloor at 3am this morning when I remembered there isn't a toilet upstairs right now really was less fun than you think.

SO - to keep moral high and keep our chins up when we think about how much work there still is to do, here is a photo of the missing ugly light fixture from the bathroom! We (hah, okay, Hubby) has since installed new light fixtures, which look amazing. But this hole/paint mismatch still exists in the room. It's kind of fun, since it reminds me that yes, when we moved in the bathroom was painted white/grey/beige sponge paint. *shudder* My bathroom has to turn out better than that!

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