November 7, 2011

Halfway to MommyVille!

Today marks the half way point through my pregnancy - and it is wonderful! Reassurance that baby is doing great, knowledge that I am at LEAST half way through my morning sickness (that's right, everyday still), and comfort in the fact that baby is growing like a weed despite my non-baby belly.

Along with these wonderful thoughts and feelings comes Erin's overactive brain - "only 5 months until baby is here!" Ahh! Maybe I should start working on getting that nursery together. I am still torn with what fabrics to choose, but I think I am narrowing down my list. There is 'wants' and 'lets-be-realistic' choices for the nursery, so I'll show you how I plan on getting lots of highs on a low budget. Hopefully.

For drapes - all along I have been pining for this fabric.

$7.48 - Fabric.Com

At just $7.48/yard (steal!) 5 yards for drapes will only cost $37.40. I won't have to line them either, as I want to install black-out-blinds as well (mothers of little ones keep telling me this is a must if I want to sleep at all past 5am. Which I do)

And look how lovely the fabric looks as drapes! The genius Rachel from SouthernExposure had the same idea as me. Great minds, eh?


For the wing back chair I have to recover, I was thinking of this cheerful pattern from PaulThomas:

$31.98 - Fabric.Com

But at $31.98/yard, 7 yards will come to $223.86. Yikes! Way out of my "Hunny, you won't even notice the transation in the account" budget.

Instead, I found this fabric from PremierPrints (same designer as the drape fabric):

$8.48 - Fabric.Com

At only $8.48 - 7 yards will only be $59.36. Sah-weet. At a savings of $164.50, I can easily do without birdies on my chair. BUT, if I still can't live without that cute fabric, I can always spurge for 1/2 a yard in the brown for a toss cushion:

$31.98 - Fabric.Com

And to recap the final choices (okay, final for today, until Fabric.Com releases some cute fabrics and makes me second guess myself).

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