October 11, 2011

31 Days {Day 11} 5 Must Have’s for the Perfect Bar Cart

Just because I have giant can’t-drink-for-6-more-months sign on my tummy right now (in the form of a quickly developing baby bump), doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be a good hostess this holiday season. Drinking is the key to holiday fun – okay, okay, but it is important to make your guests feel welcome, and here at Casa Morgan that revolves around booze. I have always loved the idea of a beautiful chrome bar cart.

Sarah Richardson

But since we don’t share SarahRichardson’s budget, I hunted down a $10 version at a garage sale last spring.


But, I always prefer a well stocked bar to one that looks pretty. Here are 5 must have’s for your bar this holiday season:

1. Glasses

Although I have lots of glasses stashed in kitchen cupboards, I make sure to keep a few wine glasses and some tumblers right on my bar cart. This way I’m ready to serve at all times for a small crowd, and can run to the kitchen if the party gets bigger than expected.

2. Wine

Red and white! Although I drink both red and white, I would keep a few bottles of each handy even if I didn’t. It’s nice to be able to serve someone what they really will enjoy. And don’t think you have to spend a fortune to get your wine count up, either. I have a ‘under $15’ rule, and in sticking to it the past few years, I have discovered many wonderful wines that I might have over looked next to their pricier cousin. When in doubt ‘EverythingWine’ is my go to when I’m unsure – their knowledgeable staff always is able to find me just the bottle I’m looking for (even when I don’t know what I’m looking for)

3. Hard Bar

We don’t drink a lot of hard bar in our house, but I tend to keep it all corralled on the bar cart. Close to the holidays, I stock up on a few essentials (rum, vodka, whiskey, Amerato, and Baileys) so that there is a little bit of a selection for guests. When in doubt, rum and vodka are great when mixed with soda or fruit juice, so these are always a versatile choice.

4. Beer

Come on, keep the boys happy.

5. Supplies

I make sure to keep things like napkins, cork screw, reusable cork and a good cocktail mixing book right on my bar cart. This way it is all there for when I need it – no rooting threw the kitchen drawers every time someone asks for a little red.

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