October 5, 2011

31 Days {Day 5} Simple Bits of Fall

Around Casa Morgan, we keep our fall decorations simple. It is, for me, a time between the carefree days of summer and putting up Christmas decorations. I love decorating for the Christmas season, so I tend to keep our fall decorations understated.

But that doesn't mean that I skip it all together! ThriftyFoods (a local grocery store) had mini pumpkins on for $1, so I couldn't resist grabbing a few of these last week.

Miniature pumpkins are just one of the easy ways to add a taste of fall to your house. Adding fresh flowers in fall colours can look amazing on a dining table, or simple things like a cluster of fallen leaves in a vase. Keep it simple!

How have you decorated for fall? Does anyone else think these mini pumpkins are the cutest things ever?? Or is it just my pregnancy hormones kicking in? I've restrained myself from naming them. As of now.

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