October 19, 2011

Baby -ville Ideas

Since I have clearly given up on the 31 Day Challenge (a combination of debilitating morning sickness and the fact that my computer is not playing nice at all) , I thought I would move on and get back to what I really feel like posting about. Baby rooms progress.

The room is slowly starting to look like the clean slate I was hoping for, so we're getting to the point where I can start adding some fun ideas back into the room. Yay for the fun part! Here are some items that have or will make there way into Bean's room in the next little while:

I bought a faux-sheepskin from Ikea for $9.99 - but here is the more luxurious real one

A table I bought on UsedVictoria for $10! I have since painted the top white (updated photo to come) - originally seen here

Free Printable Flashcards from TheHandmadeHome

At $25.00 a piece, it is killing me that I may need 6 of these for by the crib - TheAnimalPrintShop

And this hideously upholstered chair - which still needs to be recovered. I found this chair on UsedVictoria for FREE!! Original post here

We still have a long way to go - but soon I will have some progress photos for you (assuming I actually make some progress).

I am still fighting with myself over what fabric scheme to go for. Mostly neutral, yes. But with a hit of navy and lime? Orange? Grey and yellow? Too many to decide between, so instead I think I will procrastinate some more.

What colours do you think I should add?

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