October 3, 2011

31 Days {Day 2} Shifting Gears for Fall

With the change in the seasons comes a shift in the way we organize the house. During the summer, I make sure to keep a pile of fresh beach towels and a backpack with beach items (sunscreen, dog toys, etc) right beside the front door. Well, I am finally ready to admit to myself that our beach days are probably over for the year.

Besides putting away lake-trip-items, this brings me to a few other things I shift around in the house as the temperature outside drops:

1. Pull Out the Coats!

I make sure all of our winter and fall coats are downstairs on the hooks ready to go. I also pull out any sweaters that I have been stashing under the bed.

From here

2. Clean out the Wellies

I get all the cobwebs out of our wellies, and put away any summer shoes I know we won’t be needing.

From SouthernExposure

3. Hats, Scarves and Mitts – Oh My!

I pull out our box of winter accessories and have them at the ready by the front door. It is always a good idea to have a few extra pairs of mitts in the box to – for impromptu snowball fights with friends (happens much more often than you would think)

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4. Blankets

Anyone that knows us well will tell you that we keep out house fairly… ‘crisp’ during the winter months. But we are happier with a fire and some extra sweaters than wasting electricity with baseboard heaters during the cold months (we know this will probably change when little bean arrives). I make sure to keep a few blankets in the living room as well as an extra hoodie or two (you would be surprised how often I get taken up on that offer!)

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5. Make Sure the Pantry is Well Stocked

I do this every year, and with nesting hormones kicking in – this year will likely be no different. I make sure that our pantry is fully equipped with all needed baking supplies and lots of pantry staples for meals. Since the Victoria BC blizzard of ’96 (I was 11 at the time) I think about what we would do if we lost power for a week and were unable to get to the grocery store. Being able to make do with a wood fireplace, stocked pantry and a full propane tank for the BBQ gives me peace of mind. (Also, don’t forget your pets! I make sure we have an extra bag of dog food during the ‘might-get-snowed-in’ months)

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What do you do to prepare for the fall season? Does anyone else wish their pantry was that organized? (or full?)


  1. Thomas' Snowsuit.... My favorite book....

  2. It was my favorite growing up to! I swear it was based on my brother, Sean when he was little. The boy had a knack.