May 17, 2011

You're a Knob.

The bathroom vanity is all patched, primed and painted (I know you're all thinking 'what? that bathrooms not done yet??' I know, tell me about it) and now just needs to be slapped together and needs some pretty hardware to seal the deal. The hunt begins...

While knob shopping with Hubby last night, I realised I love saying the word knob [loudly! And in especially in crowded stores] I also was really disappointed with the selection available. We browsed HomeDepot and Rona (that's right, I got him to come to two different stores - what a guy) and neither had what I was looking for. Okay, I don't really know what I'm looking for, but the standard issue brushed steel bow handle will not cut it. Honestly, I really thought I wasn't this picky [quiet, Rich].

I resolved to not settle, and to keep looking. The cabinet is still functional without handles, so it's okay if I want to wait for something special. This bathroom, after all, has taken 16 months so far - what's another week or so?

On a whim, I checked out Etsy today, expecting to see crafty-fork-arty knobs, but guess what? The powers of Etsy have wow'd me again! Check out some of these amazing knobs and pulls available online. I, of course, will most likely be trying to recreate one of these gems to save money, but admit I'm tempted to just click 'add to cart'



I'm leaning towards these ones:

Simple, shabby chic, and I love how the glass makes them just pop! Now just to make them.

Or cave, go to LeeValley and spend $7 each on a few knobs that will be 'good-enough'. Thoughts?


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