May 19, 2011

Client's Bathroom

I have been helping my parents renovate their whole house this past year - doing very little physical helping, more design-idea-helping. And it has been a blast! The style they want to keep for their house is so different from the cookie-cutter-white-base-board-design that it has been so interesting and challenging to make sure they get the look they want, but still something I am very proud to put the 'ol MorganDesignIncStampOfApproval on.

While I will have lots of photos for you soon (one day.), today I am speaking specifically of the master bedroom en suite. This room will for sure be the most MorganDesignIncSignatureLook room in the entire house - mostly because my Mom has caved and is considering WHITE floors, marble no less.

Here is the vanity they have already purchased for the bathroom, and it is a perfect jumping off place:

Available at Costco Online

Here are some images and ideas that I am finding particularly inspiring, and hopefully my mom will find some things she likes out of them as well:

Hubby and I have recently developed quite the thing for interesting tile-mat layouts...

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