May 5, 2011

Captain Curtains!

Hubby and I are still working on the bathroom reno. Yes, the same one I mentioned back here. I know. Har-har.

Demo day - yuck!

We never pride ourselves as quick reno-ers, here at MorganDesignInc. Slow and steady! I also fall victim to distractions very easily. I know - you're all shocked.

Tub in, walls up

We finally have saved up enough mula to keep this reno boat afloat! Next steps are buying and installing a heated floor mat (tutorial to come), plumbing, electrical, drywall, paint, flooring, vanity..etc etc. But, our impromptu shower curtain is driving my husband and I nuts. It is sooo thin that it blows into the shower while you're using it - so we've been anchoring it down along the edge with shampoo bottles while we use it. Wow. That sounds even more pathetic than it feels.

Tiling mostly done - it is all complete now, but I'm waiting for the final reveal photos (coming summer 2016.)

Needless to say - getting my shower curtain figured out is top of my list at the moment. But I have been looking for the right curtain for over a year now, and nothing is striking my fancy. I'm normally not so hard to please. I promise.

Accent colour in the bathroom - hand towels and accessories

I have decided to order in fabric and sew my own curtain, as I am (whether I like to acknowledge it or not) very handy with a sewing machine. But now I'm stumped on what fabric to order! Maybe the reason I can't find the perfect shower curtain in stores is because I have no bloody idea what I actually want. Hmm.

Here are a few fabrics that I am considering (all from, and all for under $10/yard). Which one gets your vote?

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