December 21, 2010

Sorry Bathroom, You'll Have to Wait

Why Erin can’t come to finish the bathroom today:

1. Work is insanely busy!! With all the recent rain storms, we've been flooded with new jobs (get it? Flooded??)

2. I have barely seen my husband in 10 days. Although I am all for time apart, it's been hard to just smile in passing the past weeks.

3. We finally have gotten the house clean enough to not be severely judged by guests and I just see no reason to rattle that.

4. You have heard of Christmas, hmm? Well, I have to cook several dishes over the next few days to bring to dinners, and I am trying to conserve my energy.

5. Although I did manage to trick my husband into buying the supplies for the vanity on Sunday, I think that has officially put me over my honey-do limit. I have to rack up some more wife points before I make any sudden moves.


6. I'm so far behind on editing photos for ErinChristinaPhotography, do I address those or just move onto the Next New Thing? I am torn and will instead do nothing.

7. Renovating is a leisure-time activity (for me, anyways) These are not leisurely times. See #1.

8. The bathroom renovation might cut into my binge-eating time.

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