December 29, 2010

Ways to Decorate With Items You Already Own

Interior decorating is more than throwing on a fresh coat of paint and rearranging your furniture - it's all about the accessories! There is potential in every space to feel relaxed, formal, chic or rustic. Think outside the box for ways to add some flare to your place, using items that you already own. Here are a few ideas I've used in my own home:

1. Vases - You probably saw my Christmas decoration post (here: ), where I took a plain, clear vase and spiced it up for the holidays by filling it with ribbon and ornaments. But you can use that simple principle year round! When it's not the holidays, I fill my vases with flowers (duh?), or pine cones, or fruit for a refreshing feeling.

2. Serving platters and bowls - As I don't host formal dinners that often, my nice serving bowls and plates are usually tucked away in the buffet and hutch. So I try and give them their time to shine by placing wine and glasses on a tray, or filling bowls with fresh fruit. I currently have beautiful green pears piled in my hand carved wooden bowl - delish!

3. Books - I'm what my husband adoringly calls, a nerd. I take great pleasure in searching threw used book stores (the best are in Sidney) and trying to find that perfect specimen. I usually never read them more than once (or at all), but I love displaying antique books piled high with their beautiful brown leather covers. I'm a sucker for gold trimmed pages. My favorite antique book I have is from 1905 about astrological signs, written in french. It snuggles with a handsome copy of 'Odyssey' and 'Iliad' on my TV stand.

4. Pitchers- Don't always think of pitchers as practical. When not full of homemade lemonade, leave empty, out on display for everyone to admire. I have my favorite pitcher on display in my kitchen, grouped on a silver serving plate (see #2) with a small vase of flowers and a pretty martini glass (which doubles as a ring dish when I scrub the dishes)

5. Teas - I, being obsessed with any hot beverage, have a nice collection of single wrapped teas. Instead of having them all hidden (and scattered) in the kitchen, last night I grabbed them all and organized them all in a cute little basket my friend Jennie just gave me. They look so cute and welcoming on my counter, it makes me want to start the kettle every time I walk by.

6. Bubbles for the Bath - As a girl (woman? old hag??) I have gained quite the collection of bubble bath, bath bombs and all those cute little bars of soap we have trouble actually using. Grab some of you favorite ones, and display them on all a tray or in a basket in the bathroom. Place it on a small table, or the floor for a pretty and accessible way of displaying your bath time treasures.

Happy accessorizing!

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