December 9, 2010

Another Day, Another Project

I don't know what it is about me, but I always have to be working on some sort of project. The second I finish one I spend about 30 minutes thinking about how tired I am and how glad I am that the project is finished. And then my mind races until I find another project to start.

I have to say I feel slightly bad for my poor husband (slightly) for being dragged through reno after reno with me, all because he decided to fall for a girl that loves to start things. As soon as we were done our first reno (downstairs bathroom), I told him I wanted to do the dining room next. He told me to wait for the new year - so what was I doing New Years Day? Why, sanding the walls and ripping off the window trim, of course!

Even as we are working on a renovation, I am usually already looking somewhere in my house thinking 'we should really paint that soon...' or 'I wonder how that room would look if we knocked that wall down...'

So, Richard, this is me saying that I truly appreciate everything you do for me, and everything you put up with. You patiently listen to all my hopes and plans (even though we haven't finished the last project yet), and even help me understand different carpentry practices. You teach me how to use power tools, and are sweet when I tell you that I can't lift something. You are a great carpenter, and I am so excited when I get to see you using your skills in our house (even though I swear I can cut in paint better than you). I can't promise you that I will ever change, but I want you to know that I love you for loving me.

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