September 29, 2011


When most people find out they’re going to be parents, after all the “congratulations!!!” – they have a tendency to, well, freak out a bit. Mostly because they have yet to finish schooling, get that perfect job, and pay off the mortgage (hah!). But, well, I’m not most people. My little panic moment was based solely around the idea that I have yet to figure out my exact perfect baby room. As most of you can guess, my perfect nursery does not revolve around ‘SleepingBeauty’ or ‘ThomasTheTankEngine’. This is MorganDesignInc, for goodness sake – people have expectations!!

I want something that is soft and whimsical, with a touch of that earthy flare I love. Much like the name of the child, I want it to reflect not only the personality of Richard and myself as a couple, but what we hope our child will be like. Fun, kind, down to earth and most of all - sense of humor (but who needs knock-knock jokes when you have parents like us to laugh at).

I have been pinning billions of photos to my 'Baby-ville' folder on Pinterest (if you're not on Pinterest, put aside an afternoon to become shocked you were able to live without it). Scanning them, it is easy to find a common theme, but here are a few of the images I am particularly inspired by:

Which one's do you folks like best? I think I like a mix of all of them. I have to finish clearing out the room, then I will start painting it out. I'm going with a neutral beige - which will give me a nice clean slate to start with. SO buckle your seat belts everyone - it's baby time!

{This post brought to you by crazy pregnancy nesting instincts.}

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