September 27, 2011

Gearing Up for 31 Days!

Last October, TheInspiredRoom participated with 7 other brave women to blog for 31 days straight in October on a subject of their choice. Well this year TheInspiredRoom is encouraging her readers to join in on the chaos. And I am excited to announce that I will be participating in this crazy venture!

That's right, for October 2011, I will be blogging every. Single. Day.

Even on weekends. Even if the laundry is piling up. Even if Michael's is having a 75% off sale (although not if HomeSense does. Let's not loose sight of priorities)

Our series will be call '31 Days to Fall in love with Fall' - and will cover topics like preparing for fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and even a little about Christmas (because I can't help myself). We will even have a few guests come to the blog to join us in the festivities (not just Lucy and Dutch!).

So make sure to come back daily starting October 1st - and join me for '31 Days to Fall in love with Fall'

{Day 1} My Favorite Things about Fall
{Day 2} Shifting Gears for Fall
{Day 3} Getting the Yard Ready for Fall
{Day 4} Cozy on Over - Blankets and Throws
{Day 5} Simple Bits of Fall
{Day 6} Food So Good, it Has it's Own Day
{Day 7} You Big Turkey!
{Day 8} Gone Paintin
{Day 9} Neat Pumpkin Ideas
{Day 10} Quilts - Done Right
{Day 11} 5 Must Have's for the Perfect Bar Cart


  1. Love fall and love the idea of falling in love with fall. Also laughed aloud at the part in your header about your hubby rolling his this I can relate.

  2. I know, Amy, I get the rolling eyes or glazed over look a lot from Hubby! I swear it encourages me more...

  3. What a cute idea! Love the comment about priorities. It was so true.

  4. HomeSense will always be one of my top priorities, Penny :)