April 21, 2010

Down With the Committee

Good grief...

Even though this photo speaks for itself, I have to explain the back ground story behind this horror.

My parents are renovating their house right now, more immediately their guest bathroom (http://morgandesigninc.blogspot.com/2010/04/less-talk-more-action.html) So as my Dad was pulling out the toilet fixture a few days ago, he moved it to just outside their front door, until he goes to the dump this week. Sunday night, friends announced that they were stopping by for some coffee and good laughs, and just before they arrived, my Dad remembered the toilet! In an act of desperation, my Mom quickly threw a hosta in the toilet to lessen the devastation to the eye.

My parents live in a somewhat gated community, with outlandish rules and regulations. Spring time is the time of year when the committee sets foot on the streets, and seeks out any deviations to these regulations (I’m not kidding.) I can just picture their faces when they walk past my parents house with a flowerbed toilet on display at their front door! My Dad says that my Mom likes to ‘look for a fight’ with these committee members. My Mom simply calls it ‘challenging them’.

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