August 12, 2011

Listy McListerson

Things seem to be extra chaotic at MorganHouse lately: with photography jobs, painting the exterior of the house, side projects, and still trying to really get outside and enjoy summer before its gone. It has taken most [read: all] of my power to not start any more projects right now. But don't think for one second that this means I'm not planning (you know I like planning). I'm like a sleeping dragon... waiting for poor weather so I can stay inside and paint anything that stays still...

And everyone knows I love making lists! So here is a lovely list of projects I can't get off my mind, and will be done as soon as summer decides she's had enough:

- paint master bedroom (have paint)
- paint spare bedroom (have paint)
- make pillow covers out of Ikea fabric for living room (have fabric)
- finish bathroom reno (oh brother..)
- spray paint two new brass lamps (I'm thinking one navy, one silver)
- sand down table in hallway and lacquer
- finish artwork collection in master bedroom (just have to move one light..)
- do artwork project over bed in master bedroom (have frames and matting, need photos)
- build frames for 3 pieces of custom cut glass I got (have glass and prints, need frames)
- repaint white table in living room and line drawer with wallpaper
- repaint and upholster chair for living room (I'm thinking something bold)
- repaint and upholster chair for spare room (something soft gray/blue)
- redo artwork in living room (time for a fresh change!)
- make drapes for living room (just for privacy - maybe out of cheap sheets?)
- recover dining room chairs (need fabric still..)

There are lots of other things to do, but these are the fun ones (okay, fun for me.) I can't wait to show you all the projects that are to come this fall! It will be a very busy rainy season at MorganHouse

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