February 28, 2012

TV Hutch Makeover

I recently did a little TV hutch makeover. I love our TV hutch, but I found the two glass panels on the sides were showing all of our movies and gaming systems. You can't make that look tidy.

So I decided to line the backs of them with scrapbooking paper. This way I could hide the mess, get some extra interest into the piece, and it would be cheap and easy if I wanted to switch it out in the future.

Handy dandy scrapbooking paper pad

I selected two patterns that I liked

And opted for the one on the left, as it goes better with the tone of the wood

I cut the paper to size, and taped it to the glass from the back

And it turned out lovely!

And it still looks this great! I'm surprised how well it's held up, and now couldn't imagine it without the paper detail. The bonus? A friend pointed it out sayin that was such a neat feature and asked me where I got the TV hutch. Score.

Simple, cheap redos on furniture - now that's what MorganDesignInc stands for! Have you ever done a mini-project like this before? How did it turn out? Is your stock of scrapbooking paper embarasingly large as well? Or are you actually cool.

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