May 4, 2014

Farm Life

We have been on the hunt for an acreage for a while now, and we have found a place we are very serious about. Have we bought it?  Not yet. Have we ever seen the inside of the house? Not yet. Have I been thinking of how to decorate it? Constantly.

Very difficult to mentally furnish a house you have never seen (truth be told, we don't even know how many bedrooms/bathrooms it has), but when it comes to furnishing my dream farmhouse - I know what I want it to look like. 

Rona $54.99


Home Depot $98.00

Rona $21.99 (painted light aqua) $7.45 $7.45 $9.20 $9.20
Home Depot $6.49 (yeah, I still need marble)
Home Depot $9.97
Home Depot $599.00
Rona $39.99

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