May 26, 2010

Kid's Rooms - Part 1 Baby Rooms









1. AllPosters: Fern Collection 1, $164.99
2. Trans Globe Lighting: Resin Bird Hand Painted Table Lamp, $54.08
3. Ikea: Bastis Hook, $2.99
4. Fabric.Com: Waverly Lovely Lattice Citrine Fabric, $10.98 yard
5. Fabric.Com: Waverly Harmony Spa Fabric, $16.98 yard
6. Fabric.Com: Premier Prints Spirodots Chocolate Natural Fabric, $6.98 yard
7. Da Vinci: Kalani Crib, $248.98
8. AllPosters: Petite Southern Maidenhair Ferns, $124.99

Today, I am starting a series of ‘how-to’ articles for decorating kid’s rooms. I do this not just because I have talked with a few moms (and mommy-to-bes) who are lost on how to decorate their child’s room, but also because I have seen so many kid’s rooms that make my skin crawl. I am in favor of decorating in a quirky, endearing style – but I think that this is usually a missed opportunity to reflect the overall style of the rest of your home.

I have never been a big fan of heavily themed rooms, and this goes for baby’s rooms as well. I love when a small accent is done tastefully, but it can be a slippery slope if you don’t keep in mind that ‘less is more’. I also firmly believe that a baby’s room should reflect some of the parent’s taste. Your 5 month old will not notice that their room is not daffodil yellow, but more of a smoky blue. Remember that YOU have to spend a lot of hours in this room (sometimes at very distasteful times of the night), and you want something that you find relaxing. I also believe in using more mature colour scheme so that your baby will be able to grow into the room, not grow out of it.

I love gender-neutral colours in a baby’s room. Not only am I pro not knowing the sex of a baby (there are few surprises left in life, and this is one of my favorites), but what about the second baby? Will you really have the time and funds to re decorate the nursery if the second baby is a different gender? What about the third? Or forth (if you’re really a trouper!). I love light, smoky blues, and I believe that with the right accents this colour can look very neutral. Look for lots of whites, ivorys, and taupes – this will tone down the boyish brand of the blues.

Babies are so innocent and natural, that I feel their room should reflect that. Use accents with leaves, ferns, and other natural elements to get a whimsical design. Those of you that know me well, know that I am all for patterns. I love polka dots and paisley, and can often be seen fondling the bold striped fabrics at our local fabric store ( Use lots of different patterned fabrics, in a similar colour scheme, and you won’t be disappointed.

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