June 11, 2010

Kid's Rooms - Part 2 Boys Rooms









1. Fabric.com: Ele Village Brown White, $6.98/yard
2. Fabric.com: Hooty Owl Village, $6.98/yard
3. Fabric.com: Fancy Dot Mist Putty, $6.98/yard
4. Sears: Circular Mirror With Silver Frame, $319.99
5. Ikea: Hemnes Storage Bench, $129.99
6. Map Town Ltd: Cranbrook Globe, $120.00
7. Ikea: Dekad Clock, $8.99
8. AllPosters.ca: Mountain Meadow Farm, $84.99

Whenever faced with decorating a child’s room, I love creating a whimsical room that the child can grow up in. Keeping more permanent pieces neutral will allow the room to grow with the child, and there are many ways of adding whimsy with less permanent items.

For me, choosing fabrics is usually a jumping off place for a room’s design – and this couldn’t be truer than with children’s rooms. Finding a few fun fabrics will allow you to spice up a boys room, without being stuck with permanent juvenile fixtures (‘Toy Story’ carpet? I think not.). Use the fabrics for things like bedspreads or toss pillows – things that can be changed easy (and cheaply) once your child out grows his love of elephants.

The biggest thing to consider when designing a child’s bedroom is storage – especially with a little boy. Boys seem to be collector’s of things – little trinkets that mean the world to them. Store these little treasures in wicker or fabric baskets, placed on book shelves. This way they are easy for your little one to reach and play with, but still hidden from Mommy’s design eye. Small benches that double as storage containers are also a great way to hide sports gear or ‘stuffies’.

The number one thing to remember when decorating a little boy’s room is: he is a little boy. All he wants is a durable room that will be able to keep up with his rough-and-tumble life style (and sticky little jam-hands!). Choose items for lasting resilience and you will have a room that will be able to grow with your little man.

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