June 15, 2010

Kid's Rooms - Part 3 Girls Rooms





1. AllPosters.ca: Angelique Tulips I, $284.99
2. Home Depot: 5 Light Chrome Chandelier, $169.00
3. Fabric.com: Summerlin Geranium, $10.98/yard
4. Fabric.com: Randy Geranium, $10.98/yard
5. Heirloom Linens: Alto Cotton Quilt, $129.99/queen
6. Ikea: Birkeland Queen Bed Frame, $389.99
7. CanadaFlowers.ca: Pink And White Tulips, $65.00
8. Ikea: Utsira Mirror, $24.99

As always, I started this room with a sensational fabric (see Item #3), which gave me the perfect jumping off point for this room’s design. When using such a bold coloured fabric, it is important to keep everything else in the room neutral, light and airy. This is why I choose a dreamy white bedspread (see Item #5) and a chandelier fit for a princess (see Item#2).

Choosing long lasting ‘bones’ for a room will allow the room to have enduring appeal to your little diva, but have fun with adding bright, bold fabrics to spice it up. Pillow covers can be easily switched, but it is expensive to change a ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ bed frame.

And, as with most women, girls love feeling like…well...girls! Add some tasteful painting of flowers or some real flowers if they are easy to come by, and make sure to always throw in a few items that sparkle for some instant whimsy. Shinny mirrors, chrome lamps and airy bedding – that’s enough to make any girl smile!

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  1. (regarding #8) That's a mirror??? WANT!!!!