August 5, 2010

The Bathroom










1. Hourigans: CasaRoma 12 x 24 Carrara Marble, $16.34/sqft (bathroom floor)
2. Home Depot: Carrara Marble Counter with Sink, $529.99
3. Hourigans: TierraSol 1" Hexagon Carrara Marble, $28.00/sqft (shower surround)
4. Home Depot: Bazz Pendant Light, $59.99 each (two, either side of vanity mirror)
5. Hourigans: CasaRoma 3 x 6 Carrara Marble, $14.46/sqft
6. Hourigans: CasaRoma 1" x 1" Carrara Marble, $18.96/sqft (with item 5 for backsplash)
7. Liberty Living: Fluted Vase, $59.95
8. General Paint: Kingfisher CL2323W, varies
9. Liberty Living: Silver Containers, $179.00 each

To follow up my last post ‘Adults Bedroom’, I thought I would write about bathrooms. I have posted about bathrooms before ( but I have never shown you my ideal bathroom (which I am currently in the process of renovating).

Of course, the journey starts with marble (big surprise). For this project I am choosing Blanco Carrara marble, a light white/grey marble that is very popular, there for easy to come by. I will also install a heated floor underneath the marble, because I am a firm believer that this is completely necessary under cold tiles. A heated floor mat and controller for a small bathroom will usually run you about $400 – worth every penny once summer is gone. I installed a heated floor under my kitchen tiles, and cannot imagine living without.

White is the new beige – and that goes for more than just fixtures. Trim and cabinets can be white as well. It looks fresh, airy and clean (all my favorite words when it comes to design). Personally, I am not a fan of plastic tub surrounds – you can get a very custom look by using tiles instead (for nearly the same price). To complement all of that white and grey, I will be applying a nice light grey/blue paint to the walls.

The last thing to keep in mind with bathrooms is: know when to spend your money, and where to save it. I am caving and installing a big box store marble counter top – very unlike me. But I will easily be able to make it look custom by installing an interesting custom tile backsplash. And with a savings of $400 – how could I resist?

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