August 20, 2010

An Office Space that Really Works!








1. Ikea: Asele Lamp, $59.99
2. Ikea: Besta Burs Bench, $299.00
3. FabricCom: Waverly Indoor Outdoor Emma Lacquer, $12.98/yard
4. Ikea: Vika Hyttan Fintorp Table, $159.00
5. Ikea: Jules Red Chair, $49.99
6. Ikea: Fillsta Lamp, $49.99
7. AllPostersCom: Mountain Meadow Farm By Christine Triebert, $159.99
All Posters Parish Road Hill By Christine Triebert, $159.99
8. Ikea: Salong Red Vase $9.99

With the ability of having wireless Internet, the romance of having an at-home-office is becoming a thing of the past. But I find it much easier to keep track of everything: from work, to bills, to important documents, when there is a dedicated space to work. Why not make it a space with dual functions: a home office and family space. What could be sweeter than watching your kids work on a craft project while you finish editing that report for work? We all get distracted and day dream while working – why not make the best of it!

Storage is also important for an at home office. As apposed to a desk with drawers, I opted for something more whimsical and chose to have my storage separated into this lovely red sideboard.

If you’ll notice, all of the items listed above are fairly budget conscious. I believe that a home office should look great – but should not cost you the bank. Ikea ( can be a great place to find inexpensive items with big impact. Also, pick a simple colour scheme. The simpler the colours, the easier it will be to find coordinating bargins.

And I am sure that you all know my typical colour scheme – light blue, lots of white and my signature grey. But red is hot, hot, HOT! And I could not resist adding a splash of bold colour to this room. After all, it is an office and you need something that will energize you, not put you to sleep.

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