February 15, 2011

Sweet Stamps

The truth is, I love old things. And besides this being a joke about my husband being no spring chicken, it is also true for all things design. It's not that I don't see how fantastic modern design can be in all sleek and sexy-as-red-lipstick charm, I just am both too creative and industrious (AKA cheap) to let a sparkily package distract me from the ol' whimsey of all things classic.


China, 1976


While cleaning out our spare bedroom this weekend, I came across my collection of old stamps from Grade 2 (really? Does it really surprise you that I collected stamps at age 7?)

Hong Kong, 1973

Australia, 1956 - am I the only one that finds these cool??


I took a peek at them - and quickly realized that they were much older than I thought - early 70's for most. There were ones from China, Polska (Poland), New Zealand, and Australia. Super neat - I couldn't bring myself to stuff them back inside that folder to never been seen again.

Instead, I choose to mat them making sure to use acid free glue (I just used scrapbooking glue) and framed them with dark wooden frames I had laying around (am I the only person that keeps a surplus of frames in their house?)



What do you think?

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