March 1, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Floors

With BabyMorgan due anytime in the next month, reno wrap ups are in full swing here at CasaMorgan! Mainly - that silly bathroom. Hubby has been working like mad to finish up the half done reno in time for Baby, and it looks like it will be a close race!

With me 9 months pregnant and completely useless, Hubby has had to fair most of this reno wrap up himself (making for an extra happy wife). A few weeks ago, he tackled the floors - one of the last huge hurtles we needed to tackle on this project.

Ripping up the old (read: ugly) vinyl flooring and subfloor

New subfloor in, heated wires in, self leveled, and starting to figure out the tile layout

Floors half installed

Some tricky cutting around the toilet plumbing - Hubby is amazing with that tile saw

Floors all installed and looking amazing!

We went with a Bianco Carara 12" x 24" honed and filled marble tile. The reason I chose a honed and filled tile, rather than polished, was to help a bit with how slippery marble floors can be. I chose to have them installed half staggered - just like we did in our kitchen and laundry room - since we love that lay out so much.

Still lots to go, but at least those floors are looking amazing!! And man is it nice to wake up to toasty warm marble under my toes. Now THAT is living the dream!

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