March 15, 2012

Nursery Reveal

After 9 months of planning, painting, building and endless sewing projects - BabyMorgan's nursery is finally complete! As for the baby, well, it's any one's guess when Bean will arrive but this is the space that is waiting for him or her!

I am so in love with everything to do with this room! Hubby and I worked really hard on a million projects for this room, and it came together just like I had envisioned.

Normally when I decorate a room it comes together piece by piece, rather than starting with a fully thought-out plan. This nursery was the exception. Since I ordered all the fabric online at once, I had to know the direction I was heading in.

I also did my best to create a nursery that will grow with the baby. I knew from the start that I wanted a room that would not only be soothing and peaceful for Baby, but for Hubby and I to (since we will most likely be spending a lot of time in here at all hours of the night).



Wall Color: GeneralPaint - TanWrap (CL2791W)

Wingback Chair: I picked up the chair for free, and re upholstered it myself (yeah, I can't believe it either!) in fabric from Fabric.Com ($54 for fabric)

Blue Cushion on Chair: I whipped up this velvet cushion cover in fabric from Fabric.Com ($8.49 for fabric)

Faux Sheepskin Rug: From Ikea (can't find a link online) ($9.99)

Round Foot Cushion: I sewed this cushion from fabric from Fabric.Com ($7 for fabric)

Round Table: I picked this table up on UsedVictoria, and painted the top gloss white ($15)

White Lamp: Scored this lamp base at the DeanParkGarageSale and sprayed is matte white, and bought the shade at Walmart (Lamp $1, Shade $4)

Drapes and Hardware: Sewed the drapes out of fabric from Fabric.Com, and got the hardware from my Aunt Debra ($30 for fabric, hardware free)

Change Table: The dresser from my childhood room (free)

Framed Artwork: Frames from MichaelsCrafts, green print from Ikea, and I made the silver 'M' out of left over metallic wrapping paper (Frames $12 for two, green print $2, 'M' free)

Large Armoir: An antique from Hubby's late Grandpa - I'm sure he would love to know it's being used in his great-grandchild's room (free)

Globe, and 'A' 'Z' on Top of Armoir: Globe from Hubby's childhood room, 'A Z' from Hubby's Stepmom - I just pealed off the floral stickers and sprayed over the dusty pink with gloss white (free and free)

Crib: A gift from Hubby's Mom - a beautiful crib that I drove Hubby crazy picking out (free)

Bunting Over Crib: Homemade by moi with left over fabric from the nursery projects (free)

Blanket On Crib: A beautiful homemade blanket from my Aunt Donna (free)

Black Bird Hanger: A cool gift from our friend Krista (free)

I would love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to comment!

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